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Digital marketing agencies, (actually, agencies in general) sometimes get a bad rap. Lots of pomp, little substance.
Here at ReachFire, we try to do things differently. Our goal is to build an incredible customer experience, delivering excellent AND quantifiable results. 
As such, we wanted to share our "Digital Marketing Manifesto." These are the rules we live by... that govern our actions, marketing, and policies.
1. “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it,” said the wise David Ogilvy. Don't get us wrong, a clever ad is always a lot of fun and can create memorable experiences for the consumer. However, if it doesn't lead to the end result, generating more revenue, it has failed in its primary duty. 
2. Write to a 5th-grade level. Advertising data has shown time and time again, writing verbose essays may be quite alright for your college course, but it doesn't work when trying to persuade the human mind. Nobody has the time to expend more of their brain power when they view an advertisement. They want to know immediately what it's saying so they can move on... or dive a little deeper. 
3. Data beats opinion. You can argue all day about the merits of an ad, or why YOU think it should or shouldn't be used. But, when all is said and done, numbers don't lie. We can't tell you how many times we've heard clients say, "I would never take the time to read something that long" or "I never click on those types of ads." But YOU are not the customer. The only thing that matters is whether or not the ad works. If it doesn't pull, then you change it. But you have to let numbers drive behavior in marketing, rather than your opinion alone.  
4. Creativity + Data + Behavioral Psychology = Effective Marketing. Eliminate one, and you end up with "marshmallow fluff." As delicious as that might be, it has no substance. 
5. Be human. Online advertising inundates consumers... and because of that, they've become pretty savvy and wary of ads. They can spot disingenuous from a mile away. Be real with them... talk to them as you'd talk with your friend (minus the crude jokes). 
6. The customer is not always right... but don't ever let them feel that way. The customer is our number 1 priority, and we do everything to help show that. However, there will be times when the customer is flat out wrong... but we work hard to try and avoid them knowing that. Customers should always feel like they're right, even when they're not. 
7. Never price gouge. We refuse to be like many other agencies out there, charging a fortune for things that shouldn't be. Now don't get us wrong, we are a for-profit organization. But, at the same time, we need to do what we can to help your company be profitable.  
8. Good writing goes unnoticed. A great direct response copywriter, Gary Halbert, once said, "The very best writing goes unnoticed. That’s right. You don’t want someone to read one of your ads and say, 'Gosh, that advertisement was sure well written!'” 
9. Digital marketing agencies should not be seen as a cost. A good agency should be seen as a profit generating partner. That is our goal and we do everything we can to achieve that for our customers.
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