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ReachFire was founded in 2016 by Jordan Swanson, who has over 18 years of digital advertising experience. Through many years of trial and error and millions of dollars spent on advertising, Jordan developed a unique omnichannel methodology called "Panoptic Stacking™" to effectively use programmatic native, display, video, and ConnectedTV to drive brand performance across 60+ advertising channels. This allows for the correct message to be shown at the right time, to the right audience on the right platform..

Originally destined to be a Facebook agency, a significant gap in the market was quickly identified by Jordan. He realized that among the few programmatic native advertising agencies that did exist, even fewer were offering this medium to smaller companies.

ReachFire began incorporating other mediums to reach as many customers as possible, such as banner ads, video ads on large publishers like the New York Times, and digital streaming ads through ConnectedTV.  

Today we continue to employ “Panoptic Stacking”to the benefit of clients and have developed into the ideal omnichannel partner for companies, in a variety of niches.

In 2022, ReachFire achieved another milestone and is proud to have been included as one of Inc 5000's fastest-growing companies.


Our core values are at the heart of everything we do...

Regardless of position within the company, you will always be the CEO of your role.

We expect everyone to take initiative, be honest, transparent, humble, yet driven.

All this, whilst maintaining respectful and prompt communication inside and outside the company and making sure your work-life balance stays in check.

If you feel that you would fit into our community, please get in touch. We are not actively hiring but we are always excited to explore potential opportunities.
Our values

The values that drive everything we do



Digital advertising methods, algorithms and software are constantly evolving.

This means we need to evolve too.

Pursuing our own growth and learning is one of our core values that we expect of our team members.


Regardless of position in the company, you will be considered the CEO of your role.

This means taking ownership of your own time and commitment.

Showing initiative and an understanding of how your cog fits into the bigger wheel.


We are a team. Without any of our members, the machine does not work as efficiently.

We respect each other, do what we say we are going to do and reach out for help when needed.

No one should ever feel disrespected.


Alongside your personal growth and learning in order to keep up with changes in the industry, we also want you to actively contribute to the growth of the business.

We welcome all business development ideas and we always reward those that result directly in growth.


In programmatic advertising data is King! Our clients expect results and therefore this will form one of your main KPIs.

We reward success!

However success should never come at the expense of our other values!

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