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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions we get asked. If your query is not covered here, then please get in touch.

what is your minimum spend amount for new clients?

We normally recommend a minimum media spend of $20,000 for your first month, with a view to scaling this over time.

what kind of products can be promoted using this method?

Programmatic Native Advertising is suitable for almost any product. Of course there are legal restrictions and claims of success need to be substantiated. ReachFire generally specializes in Health, Medical and Financial products.

Do i have to commit to a minimum term with reachfire?

If you wish to run a test with us, we normally advise and contract you to a 60 day trial. This is to ensure that we give the systems time to provide the required results.

can I do this myself, if I can't afford to employ reachfire?

Of course! We even provide a course that you can purchase for just $999 that will walk you though all the steps to doing this for yourself. We often find though that people prefer to ask us to either take over their accounts and run this part of their strategy for them or to personally sit alongside them and do it with them for the first 3 months (costs apply).