Oct 7, 2022

ReachFire “Instrumental Partner" had Significant returns on ad spend with Over 102,000 leads generated.



A trading analytics software company came to ReachFire looking to diversify their media spend by incorporating native advertising into their digital marketing. At the time, they had been focused on email marketing, Facebook and Google.


Drive traffic to a live webinar registration page and achieve a cost per acquisition of $55.


ReachFire ran native traffic using the Yahoo DSP due to their proprietary first-party data, i.e. Yahoo Finance.

  • ReachFire also used the clients email list to build a predictive audience allowing them to build segments using “mail domains” and “purchase receipts”, and to target users who searched for particular keywords on Yahoo.
  • ReachFire worked with the client to identify their ideal customer avatar, and used that to create audiences of users who received emails from their competition, who subscribed to particular mailing lists, and visited key websites.
  • After testing multiple ad headlines, descriptions and images, ReachFire was able to generate impressive results.


  • Over 102,000 leads were generated
  • Cost Per Acquisition: $46
  • Scaled from $0 to $10,000/day


“ReachFire has been instrumental in increasing our traffic and conversions. We've seen significant returns on our ad spend since utilizing them, are very happy with this partnership, and I would highly recommend them without hesitation.”

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