Oct 7, 2022

"ReachFire Killed It For Us!" With Over 5000 Sales.



A trendy confectionary company came to ReachFire looking to expand their reach in the marketplace. Initially they were heavily focused on social media marketing and the use of influencers to raise their brand awareness.


To build more brand awareness using omnichannel marketing while delivering new customers at a target CPA of$28.


ReachFire used their Panoptic Stacking™ methodology to deliver results for the client. This omnichannel methodology consisted of using native display and native video to drive top of funnel traffic to a long form advertorial, and then retargeted that traffic using banners and videos on 40+ ad exchanges.

ReachFire worked with the client to identify their customer avatar and their purchase habits. Using Yahoo first party data ReachFire was able to target new customers by creating a predictive audience based off of the client's current customers, and built a mail domain audience targeting people who purchased from their competition.

After testing multiple ad headlines, descriptions and images, ReachFire was, once again, able to exceed their client’s goals.


ReachFire killed it for us with native and display advertising! Getting cold traffic to work is always challenging, but ReachFire figured it out. It took them a few months to get it dialed in, but they told us it was going to be a process. They created brilliant advertorials, native ads, and banners, and got them all to work together seamlessly. But most importantly, they hit our target CPA. I highly recommend working with them!

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